What We Believe


It is all about Jesus.  Jesus was a man who claimed to be God.  As has been correctly stated in many different places, because of that claim, Jesus is therefore either a liar, a lunatic, or Lord.  In other words, if He claimed to be God and knew He wasn’t, He was simply lying to people.  The other possibility is that Jesus was just crazy because no man can be God.  The third possibility is He was actually telling the truth. 

At First Baptist Church Marlow, we believe that Jesus is, indeed, God.  We are completely convinced of that.  Because we are, we take Him at His Word.  We believe everything that He has said in The Holy Bible.  Everything we do is about Him.  In fact, the purpose of our existence is to glorify Him and make Him known.  Everything really is all about Him.

We would challenge you to learn more about this Man and how you can find forgiveness and new life in Him.  We would be honored to have that conversation with you.