Leadership at Marlow First Baptist and our Connection Churches has to begin with Jesus.  It is His church.  He alone has the right to dictate our mission, our direction, and our efforts.  In His amazing plan, Jesus also equips and calls Christ-followers to provide the necessary effort to move the church forward and encourage others to follow Him.  At our church, this leadership consists of our called staff, our deacons, and our church members.

When it comes to our called staff, we are convinced Jesus calls qualified men to lead His church that we call pastors.  This in no way negates the importance and value of women in ministry.  It simply fits the Biblical mandate for leadership found in 1  Timothy chapter 3 and Titus chapter 1.  Our pastors are responsible for casting vision and leading the church in a Biblical fashion as well as caring for the folks that call this church home.

We are also convinced that Jesus calls qualified men to serve as deacons in the local church.  Biblical qualifications for these men are found in 1 Timothy 3.  Our deacons serve as servant leaders here.  They serve in critical ministry roles.  They support our called staff.  They serve as a sounding board for new initiatives.  And they diligently work to protect the church.

Finally, we believe the Bible calls all Christ-followers to serve the local church in some capacity.  In fact, Christ-followers are not only called to do that but they are equipped by the Holy Spirit to serve in specific ways.  For the New Testament Church to be who she was always intended to be, it takes everyone: pastors, deacons, church members all working together for the common good.  When that happens in a Biblical fashion, there is no organization on earth that even comes close to the New Testament Church.