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Exodus 13



Monday, AUGUST 27


BY: Josh Boles

A good portion of chapter 13 is a continuation of the passover requirements. Jeremy already covered most of what we need to know so we will move on to something else in chapter 14. Before we move on it is important why God gave the Israelites these rules for the passover. As it says multiple times throughout, it is so they can remember what happened the day they were lead out of Egypt. If you have read the rest of Exodus and the entirety of the Old Testament you will certainly know that the Israelites continually had trouble remembering all the good things the Lord had done for them. 


We know that the Israelites were getting ready, or so they thought, to enter into the promised land. Chapter 13 mentions in a couple of places that this land had been promised to their ancestors. If you glance back to Genesis 15, the Promise Land is first promised to Abraham. This promise is reaffirmed to Issac in Genesis 26, and then again to Jaccob in chapter 28. Being in slavery for over 400 years, I’m sure the Israelites needed help remembering this promise, so the Lord had some preparation for them to do. 


One of these important things was the passover feast which we have already discussed. The second we see here starting in verse 11 is the redeeming of “every firstborn of the womb.” There is something very important here that we might miss if we don’t dig a little deeper. In verse 13 the Israelites are told to redeem every first born donkey. This does not mean that they would have had to sacrifice the donkey. It means that they would have instead sacrificed a spotless lamb in place of the donkey. This, I’m sure would have been absurd for the Israelites to hear, but God is also reminding them that everything they have and everything in the earth is His anyways. 


Learning that everything we have is the Lord’s is an important lesson to learn but there is something much bigger at play here. There is somewhere else in the Bible where we can read a story about something dirty and unclean being redeemed by something so beautiful, and so pure. The Gospel! What a beautiful picture of redemption this is. Can you see the continuity of the scripture here? Can you see how every line and every word is so beautifully intertwined. Friends let me remind you that the Bible has no mistakes. Christ dying on the cross was not plan b. Christ is the perfect picture and perfect plan of salvation from Genesis to Revelation. What a wonderful Savior we serve!


Before we are done there is one more thing I would like to mention. In verse 21 we read about how the Lord went ahead of them and prepared the way. We read of the cloud by day and pillar of fire by night. In chapter 13 the Lord wanted Israel to remember what He had done for them, but He was also leading them to something great. He had gone before them and would provide a way for them to accomplish the impossible.  What are some things that you need to be reminded of? What are some things the Lord has done in your past that might seam clouded by trials that have overtaken you? More importantly, what does God have in front of you? No matter what is it just remember that He has gone before you. He has prepared a way for you! Be encouraged!

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Exodus 11






Today, we come to the final plague that will ultimately cause Pharaoh to send off the Israelites with no change of mind.  This will not happen until chapter 12 but Moses tells Pharaoh what will happen in today’s chapter.  Not only will the Hebrews be sent off, but they will be given riches to leave (verses 2-3)  This final plague would take the firstborn son of every family even affecting the animals! (Verse 5)  Remember that sin not only affected humanity, but the curse of sin affected the animals, the earth, and even the heavens in Genesis 3.  Moses told Pharaoh that everyone would beg the Israelites to go with no conditions as in verse 8.

We need to go back to verse 7.  God made a distinction between the Hebrews and the Egyptians.  He saw them differently.  God saw the people (and us today) in a way that we may not fully understand.  In fact, God saw the Israelites differently than they saw themselves.  The people saw themselves as slaves while God saw them as they would become, the people of the covenant.  The Hebrew people were focused on their past and current situation while God saw them for what they would become through Him.  This is a picture of God’s sovereignty as well as His timelessness.  God is timeless and not limited by time as we are.  He can be both in the past, the present, and the future.  Or as the Scriptures say, God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  This is how God can know who will follow Him, and who will reject Him because God can be and is everywhere at in every time.  This is not something we grasp well because God is so much bigger than we can even imagine.

The LORD God is everywhere at once, including time!  We are “slaves” to time, but God can see what we cannot and is able to know what we will become.  This is so big for us!  I am not even close to understanding this, but as I read this passage, I see a small picture of what God intends for us as He intends for the people of Israel still today.

Let us just be still and think of how God sees us.  We are NOT the labels that others have put on us or even the labels we put on ourselves.  We shackle ourselves into slavery again by believing in what we see rather than what God sees.  Many times throughout the Old Testament, the Hebrews said that they wish they were back in Egypt when things get hard.  But we do the same thing when we go back to believing the lies of Satan.  Through Jesus Christ, we are no longer slaves to sin, but we are free!  But do I (we) live as we believe this, or do we live as though we are still slaves?  When we are covered by the blood of Jesus (we will see Jesus in tomorrow’s look at chapter 12 as the Lamb and the blood that was placed on the doorposts of the Israelites homes), we are free!   

God does not see us through man’s eyes.  God sees us as His own, the adopted heirs of Jesus.  I will fully confess that I need to apply this truth to my daily life.  Not only to my daily life, but also to my thoughts, attitudes about myself, and how I treat others are just a few ways that I need to live this truth out. 

We are free in Christ Jesus.  Not in our power, but through His life, death, and resurrection, we have hope and life.  My prayer for us is that we will begin to believe and live based upon this truth of God and live differently.  May we see ourselves through the eyes of God and not this world or through our own eyes.

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