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1 Samuel 26






BY: Jeremy Witt

It seems that we have been here before as we read verse 1.  Saul is pursuing David.  Hmmm, let me think about that.  Do you notice who started it?  The Ziph people come to Saul.  Previously, Saul had people watching for him where David went.  These Ziphites had already given information to Saul and here they are again.  Our last encounter of Saul and David involved the cave and the cutting of Saul’s robe.  You can review that in chapter 24 if you wish. 

What stands out to me is that the Ziphites got Saul stirred up again.  It shows the impact of others and how they can get us stirred up.  Saul forgot his agreement with David.  Saul overlooked how David had spared his life.  It is really easy for us to get wound up by others if we are not careful.  As I read this, this is how I am interpreting this.  It happens all the time, and we must be aware of it especially when others are involved.  We know that Saul had a tendency to focus on what others thought.  Remember God’s command to wipe out the Amalekites in chapter 15. 

Saul pursues David and camps for the night.  David slips in view and watches the camp in verse 5.  We are introduced to some of the mighty men of David.  One of them, Abishai, agrees to slip into the camp with David.  Notice verse 8 and remember in chapter 24, one of David’s men say something very similar to David.  Yet David again refuses to take matters into his own hands!  That is so important for us to remember, but I will try not to repeat the same thing as from chapter 24.  Notice that David is protecting Abishai by not striking Saul in verse 9 and 10. 

Abishai showed great courage and believed in David.  He also respected David even when David did not do as Abishai suggested in killing Saul.  Abishai was submissive to his leader as he trusted him.  These are all traits we need to have in our lives.  May we be courageous, respectful of our leaders (Romans 13:1-7), as well as submissive to them even when we disagree.

Back to our reading, David and Abishai take his spear and his jug of water and leave the camp.  They were able to do this because God had caused them all to fall into a deep sleep (verse 12)

In verse 14, we are introduced to Abner, who will be a figure during most of David’s reign.  Abner is one of Saul’s military leaders.  David calls out to Abner and speaks to him first until Saul recognizes David’s voice in verse 17. 

In verse 21, Saul confesses his wrongs and promises not to harm David.  He even tells him to return home, but David does not trust Saul’s words after his repeated lies. 

Note that tomorrow’s devotional will cover chapter 27-28.

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1 Samuel 27-28






BY: Jeremy Witt

David didn’t trust Saul, and he had very good reasons not to trust him.  He got himself, his men, and his family safe from Saul.  He was a bigger threat than the Philistines were, so David moved into their territory.  There is something to be said about being wise and not staying in danger.  I will not elaborate on the application side but will let the Holy Spirit guide on this one.

The biggest issue many of you will most likely ask refers to verses 8-12.  David clearly lied.  He lied to the Philistine king, Achish.  David attacked and killed these towns that had been attacking the southern part of Israel as well as the Philistines.  David knows that he will one day be king and this would help unify the southern part of Israel for him.  But he still lied.  He lied to an enemy of Israel.  The Philistines were enemies of Israel.  David was doing this politically to remain in the land away from Saul’s pursuit.  It caused King Achish to think that David was loyal to him (verse 12.)  Ultimately as with any sin, we must answer to God for our sins. 

In chapter 28, the Philistines are preparing to go to war against Israel.  King Achish tells David that he expects them to join in the fight in verse 1.  David tells the king that he will see what his men can do.  Notice that David does not say whose side he will fight on.  In verse two, Achish tells David that he will be his personal bodyguard, which speaks to the trust that Achish had with David.  Or it might mean that Achish wanted to keep David close in case he was lying.  It is possible that Achish had the mentality of “keep your enemies closer.”

The issue of whether David would have ever fought against Israel is a moot point because David never has to make this decision, but that comes in chapter 29. 

Our chapter takes an unusual turn in verse 6 and following.  Saul is gripped with fear based upon the size of the Philistine army.  He tries to seek the LORD, but because of his past actions, the LORD is silent.  Saul had banned mediums, sorcerers, etc, but notice when he asks his advisers to find him a medium in verse 7; they know where one is immediately. Saul goes there in disguise and gets the woman to seek out the spirit of Samuel.

There are so many things we could discuss with this portion of Scripture.  The supernatural is very real.  God is all-powerful.  The devil and his minions are very real.  God is all powerful and will be victorious.  We must not say that this is not real.  What we must understand is that this is very evil and not of God.  I urge you to stay away from this stuff regardless of the situation.  Even in desperation, I would say avoid this at all cost.  Saul is desperate and moves ahead.

Notice verse 12.  She calls up the spirit of Samuel and realizes that he is Saul.  This spirit was different than the others she has called up.  It was real and different which caused her reaction.  She knew that this spirit was more powerful.

The words that Samuel’s spirit gave to Saul predicted his death and caused Saul to fall to the ground in verse 20 because of fear and hunger.

God is all-powerful.  His words are true and can be hard to hear as they were for Saul.  We can learn what happens when we care more for man’s approval than God’s approval in the life of Saul.  We must be careful as we study God’s Word to understand the truths have direct application for us and principles that we must implement into our own life or we might face a similar outcome as Saul did.

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