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Exodus 15





BY: Ron Maxfield

In Chapter 15 of the Book of Exodus we have a song of praise written in celebration of the salvation of the Hebrew people from the army of Egypt.  It is important to note how the people praise God for this great and mighty work when just hours earlier they were complaining to Moses of how they were about to die at the hands of the Egyptians. This passage ushers in a long line of grumblings the Hebrew people would hurl at Moses (really, toward God) during their wilderness journey.

It is important to note that in verse thirteen, the people are referred to as “a redeemed  people” that are being led out into the wilderness. They did nothing to earn it. Their status as God’s people was established as being the chosen of Abraham (who by the way, did nothing to earn his status as God’s chosen either).

The song concludes by mentioning Miriam, Mose’s sister as a leader of worshipful praise, dance and song. Miriam is a symbol of praise and outward thanksgiving in the heart of one who knows and acknowledges the great mercy and power of a mighty God. The chapter mentions that the Lord God is more powerful than all gods (small “g”) in that of all things we make into a “god”, He is the only one to be worthy of worship and praise.

Next we find that after the miracle of the Red Sea the people travel into the desert for three days and become thirsty. They didn’t have the cisterns of Egypt anymore. If we look at the Red Sea as a symbol of our salvation, we can also see our early journey as a believer as we experience spiritual hunger.  After we are first saved we find that what once satisfied us in the old life is no longer there and we find ourselves thirsty for something new.

The Hebrews find water on the path that God has laid out, but it is bitter. As is true in all Christian‘s experience , we find ourselves in a bitter experiences and question why God has led us into this path if we are sincerely following Him. In this life, suffering will always follow us. But it is in our suffering that Christ refines us as gold in fire, so that by the difficult events of life, we are made strong and reminded of who’s we are.

God makes the water sweet by having a tree cast into it. Our tree is the Cross of Christ. By Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, the wrongs of life are made right. As the Word tells us, “All things work together for the good to those who love God and are called according to His purposes” – Romans 8:28.

May we learn that God watches over us, even in the midst of our grumbling and that even though we still feel the bitterness of this world and sometimes long for what seems to be the old, comfortable ways, God is there to strengthen us through the hard times by the power of the Cross.

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Exodus 14





BY: Josh Boles

First of all I apologize for the delay in the devotion today. There have been some unforeseen circumstances this morning. There is a lot going on in chapter 14 so let’s get started! Yesterday we left off with the Israelites camping in the wilderness outside of Ethan. At the start of chapter 14, God tells Moses to direct them back towards where they came from, and camp by the sea. In verse 5 we see the Egyptians change of heart, and they began their pursuit to reclaim the Egyptian as their servants. They figured since the Israelites were confused and wondering it would have been been an easy victory but we will soon find out how wrong they were.

We see something again in chapter 14 that we haven’t seen in a few chapters. Several times we read about God hardening Pharaoh’s  heart. I know that this causes confusion for some people so I will do my best to explain it. To be honest there is no perfect explanation to this because at the end of the day God is fully sovereign and has a divine plan for all of His actions. He is continually working things for our good, but more importantly His glory. We even see that in verse 17. Most commentators believe that God’s hardening of Pharaoh’s heart was only in response to Pharaoh’s already hardened heart. 

Remember, that Pharaoh had no knowledge what so ever about the existence of God. At the end of the plagues he then believed in the power of God, but as we see in verse 5 the Egyptians changed their minds, then after this we read that God hardened their hearts. God WILL receive great great glory from his creation should you chose to accept him as Lord or not. 

Moving on we get to see yet another example of Israels disbelief. We mentioned yesterday that they would have a hard time remembering the good things that God had done for them. In verse 11 the Israelites panicked and questioned the directions God gave to Moses. Moses, full of wisdom, gives them a great reminder of God’s power, one that we need to remember ourselves. We are to stand firm and “see” the Lord’s salvation. He will accomplish great things trough His people. Good news, those of who have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb are His people! 

As we move on we get to the exciting part of the story and one that we all know and love, the parting of the Res Sea. There is one thing here in verse 22 that I would like to pay particular attention to. We have heard about the parting of the sea probably a thousand times but have you ever stopped to think about the fact that the Israelites walked on “dry” ground. 

There are many people, even the Egyptians during this time, who try to discredit God’s miracles. A lot of secular scientist will credit the parting of the sea to a few things but most would agree that it was some sort of weird anomaly. The fact that they were on dry ground however is undeniable evidence that it is nothing short of God’s great power and authority. Remember that they were walking through a sea that had just been covered seconds before by millions of gallons of water, yet the land was dry. I think we all know what happens when you pour wet stuff on dirt. 

The lesson we can learn from Exodus 14 is that we should never forget the great things God can do. We should never think that things happen just by coincidence. Every breath we take is a part of God’s great plan woven into the fabric of history and the great plan of redemption. God can and do great thinks trough His Son Jesus Christ and through His Church. Be encouraged!

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