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2 Samuel 11




SCRIPTURE:2 Samuel 10

BY: Josh Boles

David is considered by God, to be a man after His own heart. It is chapters like 2 Samuel 11 that make us wonder how this could be. How can a man who commits adultery and murder be a man after God’s own heart? To be honest with you, I am not really sure. If we look at it logically, God’s heart would never commit adultery, or murder. This is why we should all be thankful that God’s grace in our lives is far from logical. We don’t deserve it, and we couldn’t earn it, but yet it is there. Today’s chapter in light of David’s success later on is proof of that.

Chapter 11 is one of those chapters that we could spend hours talking about and write fifteen pages on, and still have more content to discuss. Don’t worry, I am still only writing a page. I want to focus on a very specific concept today. David was not where he was supposed to be.

If you remember from yesterday, Joab stayed where he was to get ready for the spring battles, while David stayed in Jerusalem. I want you to play close attention to verse 1. The spring time was when all the kings went out to battle. It even tells us that ALL of Israel ,meaning the whole army, went out to battle but David did not. It is in this that we see a stark contrast. We see a contrast between life of a king who is at leisure in verse 2, and soldiers on the field in verse 11.

So there David was relaxing on his couch when he proceeded to his rooftop to soak up some good ole vitamin D. Other than a little bit of laziness, nothing major here right? But when David got up to his rooftop he saw a woman bathing, and he noticed that she was very beautiful. Lets stop and think about this for a second. History and archeological findings would lead us to believe that David’s palace towered over every other building, giving him the ability to see the whole city. This probably means that David would have been close enough to tell that there was a women bathing, but probably far enough away that he would have had to concentrate in order to determine whether she was beautiful or not.

Basically David lingered where he should not have lingered. He was so enticed by this sin that he actually sent a messenger to go fetch her. When the messenger brought Bathsheba back to the palace, David laid with her, and they conceived a child. To make matters worse, David even knew who the husband was. Uriah was on David’s list of his most fierce soldiers, but he proceeded to lay with his wife anyways.

Hopefully you have read the chapter, and if you have not yet, I’m sure you you have heard this story countless times. Here is a quick refresher. When David learned that Bathsheba became pregnant he called Uriah back from battle to his house in hopes that Uriah would sleep with his wife, and David would be off the hook. Seeing that this attempt failed, David sent one of his best soldiers to the front lines ensuring his death. When Bathsheba found out that Uriah was dead she lamented for him. David patiently awaited for the mourning to be over, and took her as his wife. Pretty messed up, right?

I think we can say with confidence that David dod not go up to the rooftop that day looking to become an adulterer, or a murderer. He was not doing anything immoral. Simply put, David was not where he was supposed to be. I think this is where we find ourselves as Christ followers sometimes. I pray that we would never intentionally seek out sinful activity, but non the less we live in a fallen world. Sin, and the effects of sin are all around us. We don’t have to seek after sin, it will find us. This is why we must be diligent and not let our guards down.

So just ask yourself this question. Are you where you are supposed to be? I an not necessarily saying are you where you are supposed to be spiritually, but are you physically, and mentally where you are supposed to be. Here is what I mean by that. Do you let your mind wonder, or are your eyes fixed upon the Lord. Are you physically chasing after a life of leisure, or are you on the battle front telling your friends and co-workers about the Gospel. I would encourage you this week to take a good hard look at your life. Are you where you are supposed to be? 

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2 Samuel 10




SCRIPTURE:2 Samuel 10

BY: Josh Boles

The first nine chapters of 2 Samuel contain some of the most important pieces to the narrative of redemption in not only the Old Testament, but the entirety of the Bible. David is chosen by God as king. He has great success in giving the Israelites rest from all of their enemies. Because of his success and faithfulness to the Lord, the Lord blesses his descendants in immeasurable ways. Mainly in the fact that Jesus will one day be born of David’s bloodline.

One thing we often talk about is how the Bible is one coherent book divinely written by one author. He used many men throughout history to accomplish this goal but we should never forget that every word of the Holy Bible fits together to create one story about God’s plan of redemption. We see that here in the beginning parts of 2 Samuel.

Today however, the setting of 2 Samuel begins to take a bad turn. Today we read about the Israel-Ammon war which is in the background of the next three chapters. As far as David’s legacy went, this tells the story of his dominations of the kingdoms of Syria. More importantly to the story line of the Bible, this sets the scene for David’s great sin. After this the next 9 chapters do not go so well for David.

David did not wish to be in this war as becomes evident in the opening lines in this chapter. If you read verses 1-5 we discover that David sent ambassadors to the land of the Ammonites to console and old friend. (1 Samuel 11) The Ammonites shaved the ambassadors beards and cut their garments. Jewish men were supposed to keep their beards in tact, and to tamper with a mans bears was a great insult. Also, all Jews were supposed to dress very modest. The Ammonites were treating them the same way they would treat prisoners of war.

When king Hunan allowed David’s delegation to be humiliated it was not just against the ambassadors. In essence, it was a declaration of war. King Hunan  was not prepared for war so he hired an army as is customary for them to do. In this first battle David’s very wise, and experienced general, Joab, lead the army. They were trapped, but Jaob split the forced and they ended p winning the Battle.

David came personally in the second battle in verses 15-19. David, and the army of Israel defeated the Ammonites, and the Assyrians expanding David’s empire. Joab wisely stayed and plotted for his battle next spring, while David stayed in Jerusalem as we see in the beginning of chapter 11.

We can see over the last few chapters that David fought the Lord’s battles and had great success in the Lord. He extended the kingdom of Israel to the river of Egypt on the south all the way to the Euphrates River. He also conquered Edom, Moab, Ammon, Arameans, and the Syrians. Because of God’s help, David undoubtedly became Israels greatest king. He was blessed with may men to fight with him like Joab, along with a large, and courageous army.

This chapter more than anything gives us some history and context to move into the next phase of David’s life. David trusted in the Lord, and surrounded himself with good people. Anytime you do those things, success is sure to follow. That success will surely come until the moment you let your guard down and let sin enter into your life. This is exactly what happened to David, but more on that tomorrow.

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